Lyn Liu, born 1993 in Beijing, China. Lyn graduated from Fine Arts at School of Visual Arts(BFA), New York in 2016, she now is studying in École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris in Paris, France. She lives and works in Paris and Beijing.

Lyn’s work bridges the gap between abstraction and representation, each painting is an individual and distinctive exploration, there are no formulaic answers to the process of initiating or developing a painting. The artist is haunted by images of the absurdness in reality, as well as people’s solutions to that. The absurdness lies in the conflict between the paradoxical wish that “one must figure out the irrational”. During the whole life time, people would experience many struggles, and there is always a big difference between the reality and ideality. This difference results in absurdness, which is an inevitable phenomenon. For Lyn, the act of making a painting resembles a dialogue between the physicality of the materials and the emergence of the imagery, the adventurous process of creating an artwork is to find a balance between various elements.